Avanafil (stendra) tablet treat libido level to beat erectile dysfunction

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Action mechanism of Generic Avanafil Pills

Due to sexual stimulation when the penis gets erected, it produces and releases nitric oxide. The nitric oxide leads to the production of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). When this cGMP is destroyed by another enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 the erection subsides. Hence for prolonged erection of penis the presence and sustenance of cGMP is required. It is a selective phosphodiesterase-5inhibitor. In other words it prevents the phosphodiesterase-5from destroying the cGMP. As a result of that the cGMP stays for longer duration. This in turn leads to the prolonged erection of the penis.

Benefits of Generic stendra

This is beneficial for treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug is a boon to those who are not capable of enjoying sexual pleasure due to non erection. Stendra has successfully delivered its effect and may people all over the world have successfully overcome the impotency problem. Nowadays due to rapid development of science it is possible for a person to buy Avanafil online at a reasonable price. Buying avanafil from an online drug store will have multiple benefits of low cost, home delivery so that one has not to visit the already crowded local pharmacy stores and also no embarrassment in asking for stendra.

Dosages for Generic Avanafil

It is always advisable to take medicines as advised by the physician. It can be taken with or without food. Make sure to intake the medicine with a glass of water. Always take the medicine at least 30 minutes before any sexual activity. Normally the dose required is 100 mg per individual but it may vary to 50 mg or 200 mg depending on the individual patient. For individuals who are on medication for high blood pressure, the dose of it should not increase to more than 50 mg. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind not to miss any of the dosage of medication otherwise there are chances of the enhancement of fungal infections.

Precautions to take before using Generic Stendra

Few points should always be kept in mind as precautions:
• The doctor should be briefed about your medical history and if you are allergic to the tablet, you must not use this medication.
• Patients are to be monitored for response to therapy. Any sudden change in blood pressure or heart rate is to be informed to physician immediately.
• It is not indicated to be used by women
• It is not established to be used in case of children.
• The dosage should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Do not consume the medicine in doses less or more than that prescribed by the doctor otherwise it can lead o serious body damage.
• Substantial amount of alcohol intake and its usage should not be done simultaneously.
• Keep the doctor updated if you have a history of any hepatic problems.
• Keep the doctor updated if you have a history of renal problems.
• If you are subjected to weakness of immune system or have an issue of depression, you must let the doctor know about it.
• The medication should be only consumed for the period assigned by the doctor. Continuing the medicine even after that can resort to harmful effects on your health conditions.
• Make sure to place the medication away from the reach of children as well as pets.
• The medication should be kept away from any contact of sunlight, humidity and needs to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Side effects while taking Avanafil

All medicines do come with some side effects. It is no saint either. But when compared to its applications and impact on one’s sexual life one has better to go with it. Still one should be aware about the possible and reported side effects it can cause:
• It can lead to flushing, hypertension (increase in blood pressure) and abnormal ECG.
• It can also lead to severe headache and dizziness.
• Nasal congestion, nasopharyngitis, sinus congestion and sinusitis may occur.
• Gastrointestinal constipation, dyspepsia and diarrhea may occur.
• Back pain and athralgia may occur.
• Upper respiratory tract infection and bronchitis may occur.
• Influenza rashes may occur.

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“I am 54 and in good health. Life was going good. I was doing well in my professional life as well as sexual life. Suddenly one day I realized that I am having declined sexual activity. Although I was having lots of desire it was embarrassing for me on bed as I was not getting proper erection. As a few friends of mine have accepted this way of life as normal, so I was about to accept it. Then I read about avanafil on the net. It interested a lot to me and I searched about it. Then I consulted a physician and discussed in details with him about my problems. Then he also suggested the same drug avanafil as he regularly prescribes it to many patients. Upon using it I could see the results soon. Really I will call this as a miracle drug as it helped me regain my vitality and enjoy my sexual life. Thanks to this wonderful medicine, I am not a middle-aged guy anymore, I am as young as lion.”
Michael Alton, Pennsylvania

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