solution of Latanoprost ophthalmic to Controls progress of glaucoma

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Action Mechanism Latanoprost eye drop

Buy Latanoprost Online is the best eye drops for glaucoma treatment reduce IOP (Intra Ocular Pressure) by increasing fluid drainage inside the eye. This drug increases the humor outflow. This happens either by increasing the pressure of -sensitive (presumed trabecular) outflow pathway or by increasing the pressure-insensitive (uveoscleral) outflow. But the amount of overflow depends on the measurement technique.

Benefits of Xalatan drops

It has a great impact on glaucoma treatment. This drug reduces IOP and increase overflow of fluid which helps to control glaucoma. Daily use of this drug in the evening reduces the pressure. In addition it also makes eyelashes longer, thicker and darker in color. This attracts the people who suffer from inferiority complex because of their eyelashes. More appealing offer is that you don't have to go out and search for this medicine in pharmacy anymore. Many online pharmaceutical sites offer Latanoprost for sale. This is a great help for the people who don't have the time or opportunity to go out and shop. So they shop online. Now you can order Latanoprost online and buy Latanoprost online for eye care. Technology has made life easier for us and just like the other things you can buy Xalatan online the best eye solution.

Dosage of Latanoprost (Xalatan)

Buy Latanoprost Online and it should be used as per doctor's prescription. It comes as an eye drop. Usually it is taken daily in the evening. Patient should follow the process as described by the doctor while taking the medicine.
Wash your hand with soap and use mirror to apply the drop. Do not touch the dropper against your eyes. Its better not to apply it by you rather take help from others. Drop the prescribed number of drops, no more or no less. Close your eyes for some time after applying the drop and do not blink.
If you forget to apply a dose then apply it as soon as you remember but do not apply two doses together.

Precautions while using Latanoprost (xalatan)

There are certain precautions that are needed to be kept in mind before the use of it. Some of them have been listed below:
• This drug should only be consumed as per doctor’s permission.
• Doctor should be informed about the medical history of the patient.
• Doctor should be asked before using any other medicine, vitamins or herbal products along with it.
• If there are several eye drops to use then there should be a gap of at least five minutes before using the other one.
• Do not use it if allergic to it or Benzalkonium chloride.
• Do not use it during pregnancy and breast feeding.
• Inform the doctor if you have inflammation of the eye.
• Inform the doctor if you are planning to get pregnant and using it.
• Do not use it if you have any kind of infection in the eyes.
• Inform the doctor if you use it and will have an eye surgery.
• Do not use the drug if you had liver or kidney disease before.
• Do not use this drop for other health issues.

Side effects of Xalatan drops

There are some mild side effects of this eye drop. But if it disturbs a lot then you should consult with the doctor. Some side effects are listed below-
• Redness of the eyelids.
• Dry eyes.
• Blurred vision.
• Changes in eyelash growth.
• Cold syndrome.
• Itching.
• Eye burning.
• Increased tear production.

Some of the severe side effects are-
• Severe allergic reaction.
• Chest pain.
• Difficulty in breathing.
• Inflammation.
• Peeling skin.
• Eye or eyelid discharge.
• Darkening of the eye color.

If any of these severe symptoms occurs then it is must to consult with the doctor as soon as possible. But darkening of eye color can't be solved. It increases brown pigmentation in your eyes. This makes the eyes turn into brown in color. It also makes the eyelashes grow longer. These changes appear slowly but remains for lifetime.

User Review

I am a patient of glaucoma. My great grandfather had this disease and as it runs in the family I was affected by this disease from the very beginning of my childhood. But my parents had no clue about it as there were no symptoms. Now I am 45 and since a couple of years I've been suffering from some eye problems like feeling pressure in my eyes. Suddenly I started to lose my vision. So I went to an eye specialist and there I got to know that I have glaucoma. After analyzing my previous medical reports and health history he suggested me to Buy Xalatan Online. I take it daily in the evening as per prescription. Now I'm better then my previous condition. Though I faced some side effects at the beginning but now I'm fine. I don't feel the pressure in my eyes now and my eyesight is clearer. Though it doesn't cure glaucoma but with the help of this drug I can keep it in my control.
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