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Action mechanism of Levitra

Consuming it does not provide an immediate erection, in fact, the drug stimulates the sex drive and increases the blood flow in the groin area for the patient to be able to have an erection and sustain it, when aroused. The drug affects the venous congestion in penis and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Levitra

It has proved to be a wonder drug for people suffering from ED as it has displayed positive results from the very first attempt. The main ingredient in it has been known to be stronger compared to the ingredients used in other ED drugs.

It is a boon for diabetic patients. Men suffering from diabetes are more likely to have erection problems due to unregulated level of sugar in the blood, which slows down the blood flow to penis. Intake of this medication has shown positive results, even in cases of severe diabetes.

The drug has a very small palate of side effects in comparison to other ED drugs. It provides flexible in time by requiring a shorter span of time to show effect and has shown very less incidents of non-effect on the consumer. Generic Levitra has more flexibility with alcohol and food and thus lets the patient indulge in consumption according to their pleasure. The required dosage is lesser and can be consumed with the meal, unlike other ED drugs.

Dosage for Levitra

The tablet has two types, namely, oral tablets and disintegrating tablet that can be consumed with or without water respectively. The orangish tablet comes in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg variants which correspond to the amount of Vardenafil in the tablet. A dosage of 10mg tablet is recommended before intercourse. Promptly consult the physician for consuming higher or lower dose. For men above the age of 65, 5mg dose is apt.
It should be consumed only once in 24 hours and any account of overdose should be immediately reported.
This medication needs a doctor prescription; however, one can buy Vardenafil generic online without prescription. It is easy to Buy Levitra Online, thus the patient should be aware of potential risks related to non-supervised consumption of Vardenafil before purchasing.

Precautions of using Levitra

A person should refrain from the use of the drug in case they are allergic to Vardenafil, or any other component of the medicine. The patient might also be suffering from other medical conditions and taking medicines, which might interrupt with Vardenafil consumption. Therefore, it is pertinent for potential consumers to discuss their medical history with a specialized doctor to understand the risks and complications that might arise after starting the course.
Consumption of this with high amounts of alcohol might lead to dizziness or passing out. In addition, use of this medicine should be strictly restricted in case of patients consuming drugs containing nitrates.
Another cause for increased side effects is consumption of Levitra with grapefruit. The patient should abstain from consuming this fruit in any form, as research shows the fruit has a reaction on the metabolizing process when consumed along with Vardenafil.
It should be noted that use of this drug does not help in providing protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
It is a medicine for only male consumption and females should abstain from this.

Side effects of Vardenafil

The drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year of 2003. In 2007, a statutory warning was published for possible hearing loss as a serious side effect of various ED medicines.
Vardenafil has been known to cause fluctuation in heartbeat and blood pressure in certain individuals, which becomes risky if the patient has any previous medical record of heart conditions or is consuming medication that might interfere with the components in Vardenafil. The most common side effects are fever, sneezing, running nose or redness in the upper body. This usually happens because the body is in the process of being accustomed to the medicine.
Some rare side effects have been observed as:
• Painful erection and increased duration of erection
• Pain in other parts of the body
• Abnormal ejaculation
• Diarrhea or heartburn
The most severe form of side effects include hearing loss, loss of vision, increased heart beat and pulse accompanied with uneasiness in chest, nausea, vomiting, rashes, dizziness, swelling, itching or unusual fatigue.
On encountering of any of the said severe or rare side effects, the patient should immediately stop using the medicine and consult the doctor. However, it has been observed through research that older men are at a greater risk of having the side effects from Vardenafil, especially heart conditions.

User Review For Buy Levitra Online

“I am 57 years old suffering from ED because of diabetes for the past 2 years. I was extremely frustrated, as I could not enjoy a sexual life with my wife. It was easy to buy Levitra Online 20 mg dosage from Generixstore.com Online pharmacy after consulting my physician. It has increased my erection effectively and I am able to sustain hardness for a longer time. The drug works within 20 minutes of intake, sometimes 40, but the most amazing part is the carryover effect as it lets me have additional erection throughout the day without consuming more. It is most effective for me in the morning on a light stomach. Although I have experienced mild side effects like blocked nose, I don’t mind it as the drug has had a magical change in my life. It has increased my self-confidence and esteem and I no longer feel frustrated when it comes to sexual activity.”

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