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Generic Name : Eszopiclone Brand Name : Hypnite
Strength(s) : 1mg / 2mg Expiry : 2022
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Mechanism Action of Lunesta

It is potentiates gamma amino butyric acid transmission by selectively modulating certain subunits of the GABAA – receptor complex in the central nervous system and brain. As a result of this, there is inhibition of neuronal excitation. The activity in the brain slows down because of which there is a hypnotic effect. It is absorbed after ingestion quite immediately. The onset of action is fast and most of the medication gets removed from the body in six hours approximately.

Advantages of using Lunesta

It has several advantages over other medicines. These are discussed below.
1. This medicine does not have any residual hangover effects or sleepiness. As a result, the patient can take it without any hesitation or worrying about the next day.
2. Order eszopiclone Online is gives the patients of insomnia a naturally refreshing sleep that is not associated with drowsiness on the next day.
3. The instant onset of action proves to be very beneficial for the patients as they can take the medicine at night and fall asleep almost immediately.
4. If you have troubles in maintaining sleep throughout the night, Buy Lunesta Online it can be used to solve that problem.
5. Studies have shown that even with long term usage of eszopiclone, the patients are least likely to develop tolerance, habituation and dependence.
6. The potential of this drug abuse is quite low.
7. This is offers a sleep that has the same architecture as that seen in normal healthy individuals.
8. It has not been clinically researched for use in pregnant women. Therefore, the knowledge regarding this is very vague. It is best not to use this medicine during pregnancy unless clearly indicated. It is still in oblivion whether it is gets released in breast milk. Lactating mothers should keep away from this medicine.
9. It has certain drug interactions when taken with other medicines. Alcohol, antibiotics, antifungal agents and antiretroviral agents are the medicines that should not be taken while you are on this treatment.
10. More than the prescribed dose should not be taken in any circumstances or even if you miss a dose.
11. Children should be kept far away from this medicine and it should be stored at a light-resistant place so that heat and moisture does not affect its quality.

Dosage of Lunesta

Buy Lunesta Online it is available in 1 mg, 2 mg, and 3 mg concentration. The most recommended dosage is 2 mg at bedtime. This dose can be increased to 3 mg for people who wish to maintain proper sleep throughout the night. Elderly patients can notice ease in sleeping even with 1 mg pills. They can increase the dosage for sleep maintenance only after consulting the physician. According to your preference, you can order these pills online.

Precautions while consuming Lunesta pills

Similar to other medicines, eszopiclone is also associated with some precautions that should be taken into serious consideration.
1. Eszopiclone may reduce the alertness and coordination the next day once you take the medicine at bedtime. Hence, the patients should be urged not to drive or perform activities that require them to be vigilant. Caution should be exercised while doing these activities. Elderly patients may be affected more severely as the medicine affects their coordination and reflexes. Due to this, they may fall down and get injured.
2. Alcohol and other substances that are said to depress the central nervous system should be strictly prohibited in the patients taking this medicine. Narcotics, antihistamines and barbiturates should not be used concomitantly while taking this medicine.
3. Withdrawal of the medicine should be done slowly by reducing the dosage over a prolonged period of time. It should not be terminated suddenly otherwise withdrawal symptoms may be noticed in the patients.
4. Elderly patients should use this medicine with caution as it can lead to changes in behavior and thinking in them.

Adverse Effects of Lunesta

Eszopiclone is commonly associated with side effects like drowsiness, dizziness and light headedness. It is also noticed that the patients have difficulty with coordination. Occasional complaints are impaired concentration and memory, a feeling of getting dissociated and changes in behavior and thinking leading to aggressive behavior, confusion, hallucinations and puzzling attitude.
If the medicine is stopped after chronic use, it can lead to rebound insomnia. The patient would have more trouble in sleeping in the first few nights after stopping the medicine when compared to the condition that was present before starting the medication. This usually is temporary and gets resolved in few nights.

User Reviews of Lunesta medicine

I was very fearful by nature. When I started my professional life, my boss had figured out my timid nature. He gained sadistic pleasure by scolding me all the time. As a result of this, I used to stay disturbed all the time. At nights, I used to keep thinking what to do for this problem. I could neither sleep at night nor leave the job due to financial crisis. I surfed through the Internet and finally thought to Order Eszopiclone Online pharmacy stores after going through its wondrous effects. Taking this medicine pulled me out of the quicksand of sleep deprivation and made me feel so much more refreshed on the next morning. If you have troubles in falling asleep or staying asleep, I strongly recommend you to buy this online drug, the weapon for insomnia. There was a time when I used to only toss and turn sides on my bed. That time is history now because today I can sleep as peacefully as a baby. All thanks to Lunesta. If you order eszopiclone online, it would get delivered at your doorstep without any unnecessary lapse of time.

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