Nucynta is used to treat acute and chronic pain.

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Action Mechanism of Nucynta

This is a centrally-acting synthetic analgesic. The exact mechanism of action is unknown. However, pre-clinical studies have shown that Tapentadol is a mu-opioid receptor (MOR) agonist and a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (NRI).
Its general potency is between Tramadol and Morphine. Buy Nucynta Online its efficacy of treatment of pain is comparable to Oxycodone, with a lower incidence of side effects.

Benefits of Tapentadol

This is the first new molecule in analgesia in over 25 years for effective pain (moderate to severe) relief for adults. Its effect on the opioid receptor is several-fold greater than other medications, with more prominent norepinephrine reuptake inhibition.
A schedule II controlled substance, it is well-suited for pain conditions that require a strong opioid component (pain post surgery, pain where other medications have proved ineffective) and it has the advantage of being better tolerated by the stomach as compared to other common opioid medicines. Buy Nucynta Online it has been well studied and shown to be effective for post-operative pain, persistent back pain, etc. It is better tolerated by the stomach, so nausea and vomiting is less as compared to other opioid medications. It is also has a low level of abuse in post marketing studies.

Dosage of Tapentadol

The dosage of this painkiller is determined by the doctor based on the patient’s symptoms and prior analgesic treatment experience. This medicine is for oral consumption, with/without food, along with a glass of water. To be taken exactly as prescribed (amount and duration) by the doctor. The doctor has to be informed if the medicine seems to stop working as well in relieving pain. The tablet needs to be swallowed whole. When on Nucynta therapy, it must not be stopped abruptly. The doctor will recommend how to safely stop the using Nucynta.

Precautions of Nucynta

One must follow certain precautions when using Nucynta:
1) Abuse Potential
This medicine contains an opioid agonist. This poses a risk to be habit forming, even when taken in regular doses. Misuse of such narcotic pain medication may cause addiction, overdose or death.

2) Life Threatening Respiratory Depression
Patients with conditions accompanied by hypoxia, hypercarbia or other respiratory diseases such as: asthma, cor pulmonale, central nervous system (CNS) depression, or coma may be at increased risk for respiratory complications to the point of apnea. Such patients should only use these pills under careful medical supervision.

3) Accidental Exposure
Accidental ingestion, especially in children, can result in lethal overdose.

4) Interactions with Drugs of Abuse, Other Opioids and Alcohol
Patients are not to consume alcoholic beverages or use products (prescription or otherwise) containing alcohol, other opioids or substance abuse drugs while on this medicine therapy. If this precaution is ignored, it may lead to diverse additive effects such as hypoventilation, central nervous system depression, hypotension, coma or death.

5) Patients that is Elderly, Cachectic or Debilitated
Respiratory depression is more likely to occur in elderly and debilitated patients. Such patients should only use these pills under careful medical monitoring.

6) Renal Impairment
It is not recommended for patients with severe renal impairment.

7) Hepatic Impairment
It is to be avoided by patients with severe hepatic impairment. Lower doses can be used for patients with moderate haptic impairment.

8) Driving and Operating Heavy Machinery
Patients are not to drive or operate heavy machinery unless they can tolerate the effects of this medication

9) Withdrawal
Withdrawal symptoms may occur if this is suddenly discontinued. They are anxiety, sweating, insomnia, rigors, pain, nausea, tremors, piloerection, diarrhea and rarely, hallucinations.

10) Gastrointestinal Conditions
Patients with pancreatitis (acute) and bilatory tract disease need to undergo medical supervision when using this pain killer.

11) Seizures
Patients with a history of seizure disorders need to be closely monitored, for worsened seizure control during this medication therapy.

12) Hypotension
It may lead to severe hypotension. There is an increased risk in patients who have a difficulty in maintaining their blood pressure due to a reduced blood volume or concurrent administration of certain central nervous system depressant drugs (e.g., phenothiazine, general anesthetics). In patients with circulatory shock, Nucynta can lead to reduced cardiac output and blood pressure. Patients of circulatory shock must avoid the use of this medicine.

13) Interactions with Illicit drugs and Central Nervous System Depressants
Coma, hypotension or respiratory depression may occur if this is used together with other CNS depressants (e.g., sedatives, anxiolytics, hypnotics, muscle relaxants, etc.)

14) Chronic Pulmonary Disease
Patients with chronic pulmonary disease must avoid the use of Nucynta.

Side Effects of Tapentadol

Uncommon side-effects include body pain, muscle pain, bladder pain, chills, fever, cough, headache, unusual tiredness/weakness pain while urination and loss of voice.

Rare side-effects include trouble with breathing, speaking, swallowing; swollen lips, eyelids, face, hands and feet; anxiousness, clumsiness, drowsiness, irritability, hives/itching, stiffness, shakiness, slurred speech and convulsions.

User Review

"Been on this medicine for a while (3-4 years) for very bad neuropathy pain. Have taken it with Norco every 4 to 5 hours- has little to no side effects, within an hour after taking I can feel the pain go almost all away, can function great at work - no side effects to speak of, no problems falling asleep, use "Kerasal NeuroCream" on hands and feet at night dulls pain enough for me to fall asleep." Gregor R (30/7/2015)

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