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Action Mechanism of Valtrex

It is also known as Valacyclovir HCL and serves as an antiviral drug having low toxic content. Its mechanism is based on the fact that it accelerates the oral absorption of acyclovir and plasma level which induces the antiviral activity within the body and therefore considerably cures herpes. It hydrolyses the enzymes in a way that this medicine converts into Acyclovir which in turn leads to effective metabolism within the body leading to formation of new cell and induce the patient with energy. Valtrex metabolic activity accelerated by this medicine kills all the viruses causing herpes, cold sores etc.

Benefits of using Valacyclovir pills

The benefits of this medicine are huge and are an effective remedy for many diseases. Let’s have a look on its various benefits:

• It is a world class healing medication for curing infections related to herpes by its effective anti viral mechanism which instantly slows down the attack of virus on the patient’s body.
• It is also used for the treatment of cancer by making it a part of the chemotherapy process.
• Diseases like chicken pox can also be treated with the help of this drug. The medication needs to be started within 72 hours of the visible symptoms.
• Buy Valtrex Online is also helpful in treating cold sores effectively.
• The fact that it can be taken without meals makes it an easy intake.
• The medicine is highly tolerable which makes it safe for consumption.

Dosage of herpes pills Valtrex

The dosage should be taken according to doctor’s prescription and should be well controlled. The doctor advised me to Buy Valtrex Online a dose of 500mg which has to be taken 5 times a day in case of initial genital herpes. However, if the condition is severe, intravenous injection is given preferably which is in the concentration of 5-10mg per kg. It should be given in a period of one hour after every 8 hours. Valtrex medication should be continued for consecutive seven days for seeing visible effective results. Furthermore, cold sores can be treated by giving 500mg of medication twice for a day. If the condition remains persistent, continue the same dosage for five days. Moreover, if the patient is suffering from herpes zoster, he should be induced with a dose of 100mg of this tablets 5 times a day for a prolonged period of 7 to 10 days.

Precautions while consuming Valacyclovir Pills

Necessary precautions are required to be taken before you start this consumption. The doctor’s prescription and approval must be taken before you begin this medication. Also, make sure to update the doctor regarding your past medical history and if you suffer from any kind of allergy. People of old age should be extra careful before its consumption because their kidney, liver supposedly gets weak with age. Some of the common precautions have been listed below:
• People suffering from dysfunctional renal should keep the doctor well informed about it because the dose of medicine needs to be regulated accordingly.
• If you have a problem of electrolyte abnormality, you need to be careful in the consumption of this drug.
• If the patient happens to be female, this drug should strictly be avoided during pregnancy as it can lead to severe damage to the foetus.
• Mothers who are breast feeding should consult the doctor before the intake of valtrex medication as there are chances of the child on breast milk to acquire a certain amount of this medicine.
• If you ever had a transplant of kidney or bone marrow, avoid using this drug as it can resort to severe damage to the body.
• Valacyclovir should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from humidity as well as sunlight and at a place where children and pets cannot reach.

Side effects of Valtrex

There are certain common and severe side effects which should be taken care of before you start this medication. Some of the side effects include:
• It may lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, feeling drowsy, headache etc. If the period of medication increases, there are chances that these effects would increase too.
• If the medicine is given through intravenous injection, it might lead to an accelerated urea in blood.
• The patients might have hallucinations while on this medication.

User review For Valacyclovir drug

User: I was suffering from genital herpes problem which has created a mess in my life but with the use of this medicine, my problem decreased considerably as it proved to be a perfect remedy for the treatment of herpes. Though, it is an expensive medicine but its results remain unmatched, solving the entire problem induced by the viral infection. I saw this medicine for sale online and ordered it because it was available at cheap rate online which saved my money and time too. So, if you Buy Valtrex Online this medicine online, it would be a smart choice. I had started taking a dose of 500 mg 5 times a day as advised by the doctor and within days I could see the visible results. The doctor has advised me to continue the medication for a period of a week and it bestowed me with amazing positive results. The best part about this medication was that I did not face a single of its side effects which is the reason I simply admire this medication. The medication can be taken orally, in the form of tablets as well as in the form of intravenous injection too. However, intravenous injections are given in case of severe infection only. Thankfully, my infection decreased and disappeared by oral medication only and rendered me with a peaceful and comfortable life. Now, I am back to my normal life, excelling professionally as well as personally.

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