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Generic Name : Eflornithine HCl Brand Name : Vaniqa
Strength(s) : 15gm Expiry : 2022
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Action mechanism of Vaniqa (Eflornithine)

Buy Vaniqa Online It is widely believed that this cream acts by interfering with a chemical in the hair follicles of the skin which results in slowdown of hair growth. It is of significance to understand that this cream cannot cure or permanently remove the hair. It is capable of slowing down the hair growth. Eflornithine also makes the skin smooth which is a boost to the confidence of many women. Hence it improves appearance and boosts self confidence of women.

Benefits of using Eflornithine

It has been widely indicated in case of facial hair growth in women. This is safe to use and has been approved by FDA. At the same time it is highly recommended that any sort of self medication is not to be done. Always consulting the physician before Buy Vaniqa Online or going for applying the cream is highly recommended.

Dosage (Method) of using Vaniqa (Eflornithine)

Eflornithine is available both as generic as well as branded formulations. Its generic form is called as Eflornithine cream and as branded it is called as Vaniqa cream. It is to be used externally only.

Method of using this cream: A thin layer of this cream is to be applied to the affected areas of the face and should be rubbed thoroughly. The applied areas should be washed for at least 4 hours. Such application is to be done twice daily with at least 8 hours time gap in between. The patient has to continue with her hair removal techniques that she is do earlier along with the treatment of this.

Generally the patients are advised to continue using it even though they may not see any immediate result. The process of reduction in facial growth occurs gradually and in some specific cases it may happen even after a longer period of time. Generally the effect can be observed within 4 to 8 weeks of treatment. If there are no signs of effect even after 6 months of this cream treatment, then it should be terminated from use. In case of patients who see positive results, if they discontinue the usage, they might see hair growth again after about 8 weeks of discontinuation.

Cosmetics and sunscreen creams can be used even after applying this cream but care should be taken to allow few minutes so that the this cream is well absorbed into the skin. It should never be applied on eyes, nose or mouth.
Storage: The cream is to be stored in a place away from moisture and should never be frozen.

Precautions while applying Vaniqa cream (Eflornithine)

The various precautions that must be taken prior to use of this cream are:

•The general practitioner should be informed about any previous known allergic reaction the patient had with the medicament.
•It is not to be used by any person below the age of 12.
•The general practitioner should be immediately informed if a woman gets pregnant during the course of this cream usage.
•Nursing mothers or women who are breast feeding should inform the general practitioner immediately before starting the use of this cream.
•If the patient is also taking any other medicine or needs to apply any other medicine on the face, must inform about it to the general practitioner prior to starting usage of this cream.

Side Effects of Eflornithine cream

The most common side effects that may be associated with this cream are acne. Sometimes stinging skin can occur as a side effect. Other less common side effects like burning or bleeding skin, chapped red lips, chronic acne, numbness, and bumps in hair, rashes, tingling of skin and swelling of lips may also occur.

User Review

Hello! I am Mitchelle, 23 years. I have been suffering from strong facial hairs on face, chin and neck since 3 years. I can say that it is horrible feeling to have it being a woman. Plucking the hairs was my only way of saving some face. I used to spend hours in front of mirror plucking those hairs. It was almost ruining my life. I had no choice and finally went to doctor. The doctor suggested me to Buy Vaniqa Online which was a cream. Within a week I started noticing significant results. Now after a month I can say confidently that this cream is a miracle for me. In fact I have better smooth skin with almost no hair growth.

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