Venlafaxine antidepressant medicine prescribed for anxiety disorder

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Action mechanism of Venlafaxine

Although the mechanism of action for this is not completely understood it is well known to be a selective Serotonin Nor-epinephrine Re-uptake Inhibitor (SSNRI). Serotonin and nor-epinephrine are the chemicals in the nerve cell also called as neurotransmitters. Generally they are released and at times taken up back by the nerves. The imbalance in the concentration of these neurotransmitters is thought to be the reason for low mood or depression leading to sadness and suicidal thoughts. The main role of it is that it is capable of inhibiting the reuptake of these released neurotransmitters form the nerve endings. This inhibition leads to more concentration of neurotransmitters which is responsible for improvement in mood of the patients. That is why nowadays it is usually prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression.

Benefits of Venlafaxine (Effexor)

Buy Venlafaxine Online has been approved for use in case of major depressive disorder and anxiety. It helps in improving mood and overcoming suicidal thoughts commonly associated with the depression.It is also prescribed in case of panic attacks, and nerve pain. Order Effexor Online it can also be used to treat hot flashes that are associated with menopause in older women.

Dosage prescribed for Venlafaxine (Effexor)

Its easily available in the market both as generic and branded drug. The generic version is called as Venlafaxine and the branded name is effexor. It is also available as immediate release dosage forms or extended release dosage forms.
For depression the dose is 25mg orally, thrice a day that is a maximum of 75 mg a day.
For anxiety disorder the dose is usually 25mg orally, thrice a day that is a maximum of 75 mg a day.
It is always important to follow the instructions of the physician while taking medications.

Precautions while taking Venlafaxine (Effexor)

• It is not to be used if the patient is allergic to it and this information should be conveyed to the physician immediately.

• The physician and the pharmacist should be informed if the patient is taking other prescription and non prescription medicines including vitamins.

• The physician should be informed if patient is taking any herbal medicine containing St. John's wort or tryptophan.

• It is not be consumed during last month of preganancy. If the patient is getting pregnant during the course of medication the physician should be immediately informed. Breast feeding should not been while consuming the medication.

• This may cause dizziness, drowsiness. It might affect thinking, judgment and co-ordination.

• When the dose of it is started it can bring dizziness and at times might also cause fainting. As the dose is slowly increased it is important to get up from lying position to standing position very slowly.

• It is also known to increase the blood pressure; hence it is always advised to measure blood pressure before stating the medication. The blood pressure should also be monitored at regular intervals throughout the duration of medication.

• One can go for examining the eyes before consuming the medicine. The physician should be immediately informed if the patient feels nausea, pain in eye, redness of eye, swelling of the eye or surface around it or starts seeing red colored things lights.

• Any unwanted or adverse event occurring during the course of Velafaxine (Effexor) should be immediately reported to the physician, health care professional or pharmacist.

Side effects related to Venlafaxine (Effexor)

Most common side effects associated with it are nausea, headache, drowsiness, loss of appetite and insomnia. It can also lead to dry mouth syndrome, weight loss, sweating and sexual dysfunction like decreased sexual activity and delayed ejaculation. These side effects are common to the use of the most anti depressants.

User Review

“Last year I was having hard time in setting up my business and the crisis of finance was taking a toll on me. Suddenly I realized that lots of suicidal thoughts are crossing my mind and I was having an all time low feeling. After my father noticed changes in my behavior he took me to physician. I was diagnosed of major depressive disorder. The treatment for me was started with Venlafaxine as per my physician’s instructions. Slowly I started to recover from the depression. Now I can recommend Buy Venlafaxine Online is a safe drug which is effective and should be always taken with physician consultation.”

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