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Sleeping at night is always taken for granted by many of us. We get home from work get on the bed become dead to the world, but the problem begins when the sleep doesn’t come easily to us. Because of many factors which cause stress, sleeping without difficulty becomes strange to us. Therefore getting a good night’s rest gets really difficult night by night and then only we become aware of the importance of a peaceful sleep. This is the symptom which may lead to a terrible sickness called ‘insomnia’. There is a way to go through this terrible period in your life. Let us discuss about it.

Lunesta also called as Eszopiclone is a medication which is used to treat insomnia. It is produced by a company called People who have difficulty falling asleep can use this drug and will be able to sleep for a longer duration. It is available in three different strengths according to the levels of sleep the people need that is 1 mg, 2 mg and 3 mg.

Lunesta works like a lullaby

This medicine belongs to the class of medications called sedatives and hypnotics which can be also called as sleep- medicines and is a controlled medicine. It should be taken in the tablet form before bedtime because the tablet acts immediately after it is taken, therefore be ready sleep before taking the medicine. The doctor may ask about your age, about the medical conditions you may have and the other types of medicines you may be taking. Tell these important details to your doctor before taking the medicine.

There are some side effects to the medicine but not more than the advantage it will be to your health. Without sleeping properly you may feel disoriented, without proper coordination, you may feel tired all the time. Insomnia can take a toll on your overall performance but with the help of this medicine you may be able to get rid of this illness.

Hassle free nights – sleep like a baby

You may be able to live a stress free life and have a nap anytime you want. Only keep in mind that you need to take the medicine according to what the doctor prescribed to you. More or less of lunesta can decrease the level of development in your sleep and you may be forced to start the treatment from the beginning. You should also be aware of the medicines which might not interact well with lunesta. Have a list of medicines you take along with lunesta and talk about it with your doctor.

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