Gabapentin: A Medication for Seizures, Neuropathic Pain and Anxiety


Do you have seizures? Have you envied other people who can live normal lives as they do not have seizures? Well, if this is your case, then I understand you pretty well, as I had the problem as well.

And keeping all persons who have seizures, anxiety, or nerve pain in mind, I am penning this article. In this write-up, I shall tell you all about a potent medication that can remedy all these problems.

Effectiveness of Gabapentin

Dose for neuropathic pain: If you suffer from nerve pain, then you should take 1800mg of this medication throughout the day. You can as well take more. However, do remember never to take more than 3600 mg per day. I recommend you start by taking 600mg pills thrice a day.

Gabapentin anxiety dosage: It is also potent in cases of anxiety. If you are or have been suffering from long-standing anxiety, then I recommend you take a 300 mg pill twice or thrice a day.

Dosage for Seizures: This medication was mainly formulated, keeping in the eye to control seizures. If you have seizures, then you can buy gabapentin 300mg. As the starting this dose for seizures is 300 mg three times a day. However, as the months pass, you might need to increase the dosage and make it 600 mg thrice daily.

Cost of Gabapentin

The actual cost is depends on the online pharmacy you visit. Owing to gabapentin's immense effectiveness and the high market demand, these pills can cost as high as $9 for a supply of 3 tablets. However, if you can find a trusted pharmacy that will give you a fantastic discount, the price might get slashed by quite a bit.

Where to Buy Gabapentin

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Side effects

There are certain side effects that patients who use this medication complain of. The side effects are appetite change, dizziness, drowsiness, and constipation. In case the side effects stay on for longer than 14 days, I recommend you consult a doctor. But generally, after a few days of use, these effects fade away on their own.

Withdrawal Symptoms

A person who is on this medicine for a long time should not withdraw all of a sudden. Else there can be withdrawal symptoms. You might feel dizzy continuously or be tired throughout the day. Hence, if you want to stop taking this medication, I recommend that you start lessening the dose first. Cut it by 1/3rd every week until you are taking only 300mg a day and are feeling physically fine. After that, you can stop taking this medicine.