Hair Loss – A Growing Problem? Not Anymore – Finasteride (Propecia)

hair-loss-a-growing-problem-not-anymore-finasteride-propeciaDue to reasons such as Water pollution, ageing, stress, medical conditions etc., many men as well as women suffer from hair loss.  However, Men tend to lose hair in the area of the frontal scalp, whereas women mostly lose hair in the central scalp. This may cause a lot of emotional stress and embarrassment and may affect a person’s normal life. However, there is ready help in the form of medicines.

The treatment for hair loss is Finasteride. It is usually sold under the brand name Propecia and also Proscar. These medicines are normally prescribed for patients who are suffering from enlarged prostrate or men who are having hair loss. In fact, Finasteride is the name which pops up as a treatment for men who suffer from androgenetic hair loss. From male pattern baldness to hair regret, Propecia is the answer. It is also used as hormone therapy for certain women and those who suffer from excessive hair growth. It helps to prevent hair fall in men. In other words it prevents the hair follicles from getting old. In addition it also helps in regrowth of new hair. This it does by inhibiting the production of an enzyme which is responsible for hair loss. That is why it is easy to get prescription for finasteride. This medicine does not completely eliminate the problem of baldness in men. Yet it is effective as long as the person continues to take it. This medicine is usually prescribed for about 3 months and needs to be taken daily.

For example, a recent survey or clinical trial reported that a good percentage of men had hair growth. This was visibly noticed especially on the Vertex (top of the head). Those who had undertaken hair loss treatment with propecia pills, can notice the results within 3-4 months. However, to get the full benefit and proper results, it is usually advised to continue taking hair loss medication propecia for at least 6-9 months. This is due to the fact that the effects of the medicine on the hair follicles takes time to produce new hair. Another good point of this medicine is that it this medicine Propecia also helps in thickening the present hair. So it is safe to say that Propecia is a good hair growth treatment. Some cases have been reported that the new hair grown was lost once the medication was stopped. Hence it is important to consult the physician before deciding to discontinue the treatment.

While taking this medicine, there will still be some loss of hairs. This is a normal process in humans so that new hair can grow. So there is no cause to worry if in spite of taking Finasteride or Propecia pills, there is still some hair loss. The important thing is to continue taking the medicine at regular times as prescribed by the Doctor. The key to this type of treatment is patience.