How beneficial is Strattera medication used ADHD in Children?


Strattera is used for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults. This medication is prescribed to treat hyperactivity in children as well as adults who suffer from ADHD. Children who are between 6-12 years of age are provided with this medication for curing ADHD. It is known to be a safe and also effective alternate to any stimulant medication that is used for treating ADHD. The medication will show its effectiveness after at least 4 weeks of using it. Before you buy this medicine, you might wonder how much does generic medicine cost? But if you buy it from a reliable online store it will aid you in getting the medication at an affordable price. You should have a look at the medication guide present with the pills if you wish to order Strattera without prescription.

How should you use this medication?

Having a good idea about this medicine’s dosage is necessary before you go for Strattera buy online top pharmacies generixstore. Always take it under your doctor’s guidance. In the beginning a dosage of 0.5mg/kg is prescribed by most doctors. Then when 3 days pass by, the dosage is increased to 1.2mg/kg. You should take it orally and take one dosage daily. You can also divide a dosage into two halves and take one in the morning and the other during the afternoon. It is better to have it with some food. You can also take it with water and avoid taking any food. Mostly the dosage is recommended to be taken only once but in extreme cases doctors prescribe it two times daily. If you wish to increase the effectiveness of the medication, remember to take it daily at the same time. Never crush, chew or open it. Always take it as a whole otherwise the medication will become less effective. People who face problems to swallow the medication require to let their doctor be aware of this.

How safe is Strattera medication?

Like any other medication, Strattera too has some side effects. Your doctor will make you aware of these before you look out for Strattera online pharmacy. The major ones include irritation, anxiety, hypertension and increased rate of heart. Headache is known to be the most commonly occurring side effect of this medication that is seen in many people. You need to know about the several names of the brands under which medicine is sold. So choose a famous online medical store that sells medications well approved by FDA. You can get it from a local store that sells medications at a reasonable price but online stores are more preferred by people to buy Strattera cheap as it is available at a much discounted price. Always remember that you can never buy this without a prescription as it is a prescription medication.