Is Seroquel an Effective on Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder?


To treat various psychological disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, a medication named it is prescribed by doctors. Irritation, aggressive behaviour, troubled thought, imaginary incidents that affects people’s normal lives are treated well with this medication. It is better known as an antipsychotic and is a blessing for this mental condition. It is seen to be very effective in alleviating all those symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. In some cases for people are seen to cure bipolar disorder treatment by using Seroquel medication. If the medication is prescribed for duration and if still there is no improvement then the dosage can be increased. But even after this if the symptoms of depression still appear you should consult a doctor. You should always remember that there is no complete cure of bipolar disorder. One can only make take proper dosage of these pills to control as well as prevent it from recurring as medicine is used for treating schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

How is the recommend dosage of Seroquel?

Having a proper idea regarding the dosage of medicine is also important because a higher dose of this medication will cause side effects. So before you order Seroquel to treat bipolar disorder, inform your doctor and have a great idea regarding the dosage.

  • A person’s medical condition and response to the treatment is responsible for deciding the dosage.
  • You should never break the pill into two halves and take the dosage separately. Instead the entire dosage should be taken.
  • At first doctors recommend a 20mg dosage for adults which should be taken orally two times every day.
  • After some days depending on the body’s reaction to the medicine, 60mg per day may be the dosage.
  • A pill of 30mg is also recommended by doctors that should be taken twice daily.
  • Take it once every day before going to bed.
  • Overdosing should be prevented in case of missed dosage.

Is it safe to use Seroquel?

You should never take the medication in large dosages or more frequently as well as longer than it is recommended by the doctor after you purchase Seroquel online. High dosages or taking it for a longer time will make you addicted to it and cause a serious type of movement disorder. The symptoms related to such disorder are tremors and muscle movements that cannot be controlled. You should not stop to buy Seroquel online form drug store and quit using it. Doing it suddenly will worsen your condition. Some young individuals, who first take it, have suicidal thoughts. Stay cautious to any change in your mood and symptoms. Any new and worsening symptoms such as uneven heartbeats, high fever, too much hunger, nausea, vomiting and weakness. The long term effect of this medication is not effective. You will find it difficult to quit using this medication if you get addicted to it. If you suddenly stop using this medication then you will suffer from some withdrawal effects that will have adverse effects on your health. So always try to consult a doctor before quitting this medication. Your doctor will recommend you to gradually decrease the medication and stop using it. This will prevent the occurrence of any withdrawal effects.