Lexapro (Escitalopram) – A Cure For Depression and Anxiety


Many people today are depressed and anxious. This can be seen from various reports and news. A recent survey stated that many adults that are around 9 % suffer from this depressive feeling. Another sad fact is that women are affected more than men. This depressive or anxious feeling results in a person being sad, angry, and not in a mood to do any of the daily activities. Even things they enjoyed once doing does not interest them anymore. When it comes to Anxiety, it is shown by the fact that the person has headaches, trembles and even has trouble swallowing. These symptoms may prevent the sufferer from leading a normal life and completing the daily activities.

Lexapro falls under the category of medicines which are classified as Antidepressants. This type of medication is used for treating depression and anxiety and other depressive symptoms in adults and children who are above 12 years old. The good news is that there is a generic version of Lexapro. The name of it is Escitalopram. This has been approved by the FDA and therefore Escitalopram is the best generic medicine Lexapro available today. Lexapro or its generic version Escitalopram is in expensive drugs and that is why they enjoy more popularity than other similar drugs. Lexapro generic brands are available in Australia. It is manufactured in Denmark and is distributed in Australia by  Lund beck Australia Pvt Ltd.

The medicine works by increasing the serotonin level in the brain because research suggests that when the Serotonin level is disturbed it causes depression and other related symptoms. Lexapro 10 mg tablet price is reasonable and easily affordable. Usually, the dose is started at 5 mg level during the first week and gradually increasing Lexapro medicine dosage from 10 mg to 20 mg. However, this has to be done strictly as per the Doctor’s advice. Reports suggest that Lexapro dosage for major depression has helped many overcome it. But the medication has to be taken for a longer period of time to be really effective. In some cases, a person may be required to take this medication for at least 6 months. 

As with all antidepressants, this medicine comes with a warning usually packaged as a black box warning. The warning is that there may be a risk of suicidal thoughts initially when starting the treatment with young adults especially those below 24 years. In such cases, please contact the Doctor or visit the nearest hospital immediately. In cases of adults over the age of 24 years, the risks were significantly reduced. In most of the cases, a feeling of restlessness or difficulty in sitting down has occurred. However, there are also cases where inpatients have not reported any of these side effects. Moreover, when the time comes for stopping or discontinuing the medicine, it should not be stopped abruptly. Doing so might cause headaches, sleep disturbances, restlessness, etc.