No more Wakeful and Restless Nights with Lunesta-Eszopiclone



The generic name for Lunesta is eszopiclone. Lunesta is a hypnotic sedative drug. This medication has an effect on the brain which are sometimes unbalanced in people who have sleeping disorders namely insomnia. It is recommended to cure insomnia. It helps to relax the mind and body and helps to get sleep and keep sleeping without disturbance.

This medication comes in the form of a tablet. This tablet when taken at bed time has proved to decrease in sleep latency and enhancement in sleep maintenance.


You should not take the drug immediately after consuming a heavy meal. This makes it hard for the medicine to react and get absorbed by the body. There should be a gap of at least one hour. 1 mg should be taken right before midnight only. Maximum dose is 3 mg. Heavy dose may cause drowsiness even at morning. The patient must go for a review check-up after ten days of starting the treatment.

Precaution measures while taking it

You must not take the tablet during working hours as it is meant to make you fall asleep. Consume Lunesta once you can keep aside 8 hours only sleeping. You must discuss with your doctor about any allergy you have with any sort of medicines. You must also talk to your doctor regarding any other health issues like breathing difficulty or liver disease. The doctor will decide about the dosage based on your health condition.

It is best not to drive or operate heavy machinery while undergoing treatment using this drug. This medicine impairs your thinking ability and reactions. Sometime you might feel sleepy even after waking up in the morning. You will know how the medicine affects you only when you are awake so it is better to avoid any sort of hard work which needs attentiveness and focus.


  • It is advisable to store Lunesta in a cool dry place.
  • The medicine should not be exposed to a high temperature or wet surface.
  • This medicine must not be kept near children.
  • You should keep checking for the expiry of the medicines and dispose them the way mentioned in the description leaflet.

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