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Gabapentin the Ultimate Remedy for Seizures and Neurological Pain


This article is for all those people who suffer from the uncertainty of the attacks of seizures. This one is to let you know that they are not alone; there are numerous persons like you who suffered from seizures and neurological pain. You might not know anyone in your surrounding who have these, as this condition is rare, but there are indeed many people. 

And I also want to let you know that there is indeed a potent cure for seizures, it is a medication called Gabapentin. Let us first look at some of the reviews of real users of Gabapentin. 

Reviews of Gabapentin by Users

Mr. Raynit: I'm the senior branch manager of a well-reputed MNC. I had seizures since childhood. I was always an ambitious boy and good in studies. I escalated to this height. But in the interview, I did not tell my recruiter about my problem and had an intention to hide it. You know, how these type of ailments leaves a mark on your impression. 

It was a time when I had served the company for over 18 years and wast at the peak of my career when my seizures started being frequent. I took many days off thinking about what if people found out. However, after joining one fine day, I had an attack in my chamber. NO one saw me, but I was scared. I thought of quitting everything. 

Depression was getting the better of me when I came across a gabapentin online pharmacy from where I ordered the tablets. After a few weeks of usage, the seizure almost stopped coming. Now I am living a happy and healthy life, thanks to this medicine. 

Ms. Shea- I am a 49-year-old teacher. Teaching is my passion and profession. I had been having nerve pain ever since I turned 35. After attaining the age of 45, it was becoming almost impossible to bear. I often did not go to take my classes and sat in the staff room owing to sharp pain in the nerve. Then another fellow colleague suggested that I make Neurontin 400 mg uses daily. Just after two weeks of use, I felt that my nerve pain significantly reduced and after eight weeks of use of this generic medicine, it was completely gone.

More Information on Gabapentin

•    Gabapentin falls under a class of drugs called anticonvulsant. 
•    It is available in 100 mg, 400 mg and  gabapentin 300 mg capsule.
•    If you are starting, take gabapin 100 mg tablet
•    This medicine can be taken by people who are above the age of 18 years. 
•    Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not advised to take this medication. 
•    The common side effects of Gabapentin are dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, and vision blur.