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Latisse Serum: General Information and Review 2019


Have you ever wondered where do supermodels and stars get their long and fluttery lashes from? Those aren't natural, of course. They indeed use some techniques to enhance their lashes. If you want to have long and curvy lashes like those supermodels, then keep reading on. However, if you think that wearing an extension is the right way to go, then you might as well go back to your browser.

If you want long lashes already, then you would agree that they indeed make a face look really beautiful. I have tried my ways and failed many times at achieving. Then I gave an online Latisse order and used it to attain the super sleek lashes that I have right now.

In this article, I shall pen down my personal experience with Latisse:

Hello, people from all over the world, I am Courtney, and I am a model by profession. I would have given you my age, but I do not like feeling above 25 years, so I'd rather not. I am here to tell you why you should buy latisse online.

It started back in high school when I noticed that I barely have any lashes, but my twin sister is blessed with great ones. I was jealous, to say the least. Although she looked exactly like me, but my family considered her to be the prettier one. And I knew it was those lashes that are making all the difference.

I secretly started digging up old recipes of my granny and applied them on my lash line ritualistically every single day. After months of use, that achieved no result, and I was very disappointed. Then I googled up and made and selected a recipe, things were the same. By this time, I had gotten a little frustrated and thought to visit a beautician. The person gave me false lashes and said they were ''magic''! 

I came home feeling a little low and applied the fake lashes on my lash line. I could not put it correctly. After uncountable failed attempts, I finally succeeded. I was happy that at least in the parties, I would look as pretty as my sis, if not more. But these lashes were a disaster in the parties, the clumped, came off and once fell into my drink! It was a significant disappointment. Seeing my (mild) obsession with lengthier lashes for years, my sister came to me one afternoon and handed me a bottle of Latisse. She told me that she had been using it for months to get the longer lashes.

I applied it and finished the first file, and then I made an order Latisse from generixstore.com myself. This site was offering a considerable discount. And it has been a year since I have been using it and my hashes are super sleek, dark and fluttery, just the way I wanted it to be.

You might as well buy generic Latisse, as eyelash treatment with generic Latisse is as effective as it is with the branded ones.