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Have a Clear Face with Tretinoin Medicine


Iso Tretinoin the product name Tretinoin is an oral acne medication that is utilised for prevention of acne. The medicine is a synthetic retinoid which is closely similar to the effects of vitamin A. Before the production of the medicine Tretinoin there was no known effective medicine for the treatment of acne.

The treatments such as sulfa, ultraviolet therapies, surgery, X-ray therapies, and freezing therapies were the painful treatments that had to be undergone by people suffering from the issue of severe acne before the actual effective medicine. The patients suffered the side effects of severe cysts that would result in lifelong scars and other psychological problems. The therapies were done in best of intentions but these problematic results were not expected by the experts.

The medicine has changed all that. In these two decades, many people were able to benefit from the effective and secure properties of the medicine. It has without any side effects cleared all the resistant acne on the people’s skin. It has changed all the unhappy and acne prone faces into pretty and good-looking faces.

Many people are satisfied with the results offered by this cream. Many are confident to venture out into the workplaces, academic places and other public areas because of the Tretinoin. It has given them a sense of self-esteem and enjoyment of their own skin. They are comfortable to talk with people without the need to be conscious all the time.

Some of the points to remember

It is given to the patients with the acne that is not treated by the other treatments. Even the severest of the severe acne can be cleared by the Tretinoin. This is a retinoid medicine so it works by decreasing the production of the oil in the skin that is the cause of the acne. It reduces the abnormal hardening of the skin and changes the way how the oil works on the skin.

•    The medicine must be utilised as per the direction of the specialist.

•    The medicine must be taken with food orally.

•    You have to swallow the tablet with water fully. It must not be broken, crushed, sucked or chewed. Then only it will not prove irritating to the throat.

•    Take the medicine frequently at the same time for the best results.

•    If you forgot to take the dose of the medicine skip the dose missed and continue with the next dose.

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